Hackster.io Live Meetup


Our monthly Hackster.io meetup full of hands-on learning hacks from Paul Elsberg is ramping it up for January. We go dark as we prepare for a Game of Thrones-themed immersive event where magic rules the land. Come learn, meet people, and have fun.
Connect the object detection capabilities of the Walabot with LED systems to create interactive lighting sequences! This meetup will focus on strategies to create interactive led pieces and will review the system implemented by Alt Ethos at Moxie’s Dark Fairytale Game of Thrones-themed immersive event. Join us Thursday, January 25 at 6 PM – 8 PM at The Commons on Champa.
Snacks provided

Myself and my coworkers at Denver Arts + Technology Advancement would like to welcome you to our group! We know that sometimes, finding time to work on projects is hard, and tooling is expensive. Hackster Live is a new program from www.hackster.io that aims to create a fun, recurring environment where you can take a break from the routine and connect, learn and create meaningful projects. Our hope is to create a consistent monthly event you can depend on – and the snacks are on us 🙂

As for scheduling, we are NOT here to step on toes! We love the IoT and maker community that have already been established, and look forward to partnering up with other groups! Please connect with us about your events and we’ll coordinate ours alongside yours. We’re excited to team up everyone in the community to host collaborative events!

The Denver chapter is hosted by Paul Elsberg presented by Denver Arts + Technology Advancement. This chapter emphasized how new hardware interfaces with creative expression and urban hacking!