MORPHOS Digital Dome Artists-in-Residence 2018 Announced

We are pleased to announce the artists that will be participating in our 2018 MORPHOS Digital Dome Artists-in-Residence! Selected artists from around the globe will experience 5 days of intensive MORPHOS 360 Workshop then remain in Colorado for five weeks to receive additional technical support and training. The artists will showcase their final projects at […]

Denver Artists to Watch in 2018 – Alt Ethos and DATA

Congratulations to our sister organization, Alt Ethos who are recognized by 303 Magazine as Denver Artists to Watch in 2018. Denver Arts + Technology Advancement is glad to be working with this team! We started this company and nonprofit to band together and create art infused with creative technology that is bigger and better than […]

Interactive LED’s with the Walabot – January Meetup Denver

Our monthly meetup full of hands-on learning hacks from Paul Elsberg is ramping it up for January. We go dark as we prepare for a Game of Thrones-themed immersive event where magic rules the land. Come learn, meet people, and have fun. Connect the object detection capabilities of the Walabot with LED systems to create […] Make A Booby Trapped Present!

Tonight, we are creating a booby trap to catch sneaky kiddos that look at their presents early! In this edition of we will create a small IoT dummy present that sends parents a text when it is opened alerting them the kids got into the stash! For this workshop we will be using the […]

MORPHOS Digital Dome Artist-in-Residence : Deadline Approaching

MORPHOS is a one of a kind digital dome artist-in-residence program that provides workshops and individual support for artists who want to take their work to the immersive level. Our goal is to expose and train artists in full immersion production for a growing need of digital dome (fulldome) and VR art. 2018 welcomes our […]


The MORPHOS 360 Programs offers production skills in Digital Dome and VR. Programs have been refined over years of research and curriculum development from experts in the field. Whether you are looking for a workshop, interested in applying to our artist-in-residence program or ready to submit your 360 content to our live show, you will […]

Hackster Maker Meetup Monday, October 30

Denver Arts + Technology Advancement is proud to bring our October Hackster Maker Meetup. This month, we will be building something amazing using the Walabot. We will be releasing more details as they occur. Join us for a fun evening on Monday, October 30 at 6pm at The Commons on Champa for a hands-on cutting-edge technology exploration. […]

Learn How to Build an Automated Garden

Explore ways that technology can automate, assist, and quantify the growth and health of your plants. We will be talking about low-cost ways to develop your own small farming automation systems using the Particle Photon. Here you can learn about the flow of input to interpretation to output to the iteration that can create ecosystems […]

MORPHOS 2018, DATA Ed and Fusion 360 Demo and Eyeo Festival In Review!

D.A.T.A. News – Tuesday July 25th, 2017 We’re excited to share updates on three D.A.T.A. programs: MORPHOS 2018, DATA Ed, and the Denver Arts + Technology Advancement Hacksters Meetup! This Thursday we will be hosting the 2nd installment of our sponsored Meetup at the Commons on Champa. We’re also expanding MORPHOS programs in a […]