Belin Fieldson

Belin provides custom programming services for companies and individuals. He has been working in the dome through DomeLab at FCMoD and Signal-to-Noise at Gates Planetarium. Belin Fieldson also has published expert in Mixed Reality presentations.

Timmy Edens

Timmy installs domes at one-off events as dj booths, stages, and immersive spaces. He is a planetarium technology research at Gates Planetarium and takes visual artists into new realms by rendering artistic expressions for fulldome environments so that it can be experienced large scale.

Carmiella Salzberg

Carmiella is a visual artist and experienced art and movement educator. She is committed to achieving DATA’s vision of diversifying the field of digital technology through accessible education. She has a BFA in Printmaking and a Minor in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts […]

Matt Maes

Matt is a 3D Animator trained with a body of knowledge in all areas of the production process, specializing in pre-visualization and 3D asset creation. Graduating from The Art Institute of Colorado in December 2015, Matt received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Animation as well as the Outstanding Achievement award.

Eric Davis

As an artist and performer, he focuses on generative and physical interaction with aural and visual art, employing the creative use of immersive and interactive technology to invoke a deepened physical connection between the relationship of art and observer. 

Ben Gondrez

Ben is currently the Digital Dome Manager at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. He facilitates bi-monthly dome lab meetings where local artists can learn fulldome production and experiment in the dome as well as quarterly Dome Club meetings showcasing international and local dome art.

Ethan Bach

Ethan created MORPHOS Artist in Residence program in 2014 to assist artists in understanding and exploring the medium of immersive digital interactive spaces.  Since Bach has founded two organizations, Alt Ethos and Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA).