MORPHOS Dome Artist in Residence


MORPHOS is a one of a kind digital dome artist in residence program that provides workshops and individual support for artists who want to take their work to the immersive level. Our goal is to expose and train artists in full immersion production for a growing need of digital dome (fulldome) art. 2016 welcomes our third year of hosting this unique experience and for our second consecutive year, we will be hosting MORPHOS in the Denver metro area that is leading the way in dome art. Denver offers a triplicity of domes – Denver’s Gates Planetarium, Fort Collin’s Digital Dome, and Boulder’s 8k Fiske Planetarium. Come join us for MORPHOS Dome Artist in Residence for an experience of a lifetime held September 11 – October 11, 2016 in Colorado.


MORPHOS digital dome artist in residence program is for artists interested in experimenting and exploring 360° immersive digital art through digital dome. Artists will receive hands on training in fulldome and Virtual Reality, weekly dome time, individual consultation, production support, group outings, a group closing dinner, and two public presentations of their experience at the end of the residency. MORPHOS artists have gone on to present at international dome conferences, festivals, and art shows.

MORPHOS has inspired us to start a not for profit organization, Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA). In collaboration with our new immersive and interactive media studio Alt Ethos, Ltd. who is focused on synthesizing digital and physical environments into unexpected realities. DATA is working to create a vanguard center for public engagement that cultivates and strengthens local community by putting research, education, creation and exhibition together under the same roof with interactive immersive media at it’s center.

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Recent advances in technology are rapidly changing the way in which we view digital media. The digital dome offers a unique immersive group experience with it’s half sphere screen, high resolution digital projections systems, and surround sound. With recent innovations that allow for easy drag and drop playback, live VJing, interactivity, and gaming platforms, the virtually untapped possibilities in the digital dome are endless. Artists will also receive training in Virtual Reality, which is entering the consumer market with high refresh rates that allow for individual full spherical 360° immersive experiences and is a great way to previz dome work.

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Join us on the forefront of this Immersive digital media revolution with this one of a kind fulldome experience. This residency takes place in state of the art facilities with the latest in fulldome technology. The multi projector system displaying a seamless 4k 360-degree image and surround sound. The MORPHOS support team are industry leaders who specialize in immersive art, 360° VJing, interactive installation design, 360° immersive production tools on a budget, dome installation, and show production.


Artists will receive:

  • 3 days fulldome workshop,
  • 1 day VR workshop,
  • 3 hours per week one-on-one consulting with individual dome time to test concepts,
  • Local dome artist group meetings and support
  • Group outings
  • Use of rendering machine and spherical live action capture equipment
  • Two public presentations – Fort Collins’ Digital Dome and Denver’s Gates Planetarium
  • Online recognition and social media exposure
  • End of residency dinner celebration

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The Denver Metro Area is quickly becoming leaders in dome art. There are two DomeLabs, Denver and Fort Collins, where local artists meet biweekly to learn dome production techniques. Fort Collins holds a quarterly Dome Club public art event which highlights international dome work to a growing local audience. In the past year, a local and international artists have been selling out digital dome shows in the area. Denver is primed for new dome artists to show their stuff while providing a community of support.

Denver is a beautiful city with a booming creative tech industry, growing millennial population, active contemporary art scene, and creative entrepreneurship. The city is vibrant and energetic place time while embarking on the new and exciting medium of the immersive digital media art. Artists will enjoy everything Denver has to offer with active arts and culture, a booming nightlife, and outdoor sports offerings. MORPHOS Artists in Residence will have access to the Gates Dome Lab which has a 10’ dome for testing content in the lab as well as testing content on the 17 meter digital dome with 15.1 surround sound. The final MORPHOS show will be held at Gates Planetarium. For more information on Denver click here.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is just North of Denver and will serve as our major sponsors and host for the training and one public event. Fort Collins is an active college town with plenty of brew pubs, access to nature, an old town district, botanic gardens and shopping. The Forts Collins Digital Dome is quickly becoming a leader in fostering dome art production and events. Fort Collins hosts an incredible array of summer activities with a thriving arts and music culture and outdoor activities. Artists will attend their workshops in Fort Collins, test dome content on the 10.9 meter Digital Dome with 5.1 surround sound and have a Friday night public presentation. For more information on Fort Collins click here.

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Artists’ work will be created using the latest technology in immersive design. Artists will use the latest in dome server technology with an easy to use high resolution art server which allows for interactive design (VJing, sensor input, gaming display, etc). Each artists will bring their own workstation (laptop is fine) and have their own software and equipment for creating their work. Some live action spherical video equipment will be available. Artists will be creating 4k image files and rendering computer will be available for use for certain applications.



Ethan Bach, Producer

Ethan Bach is the CEO of Alt Ethos Ltd, CEO of BETA LLC, and Executive Director of Denver Arts and Technology Advancement.  As an artist, curator, and producer. He created MORPHOS Artist in Residence program to assist artists in understanding and exploring the medium of immersive digital interactive spaces. Bach served as Principal Investigator for a DoD grant developing interactivity for fulldome (which resulted in the open source dome server software, vDome) and as research associate for an NSF grant developing tools and content for fulldome environments. Bach holds an MFA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Electronic Arts and is internationally recognized for his digital art which is primarily in immersive and interactive media. Bach’s artistic expertise in experimental media won him awards from the Santa Fe Arts Commission, New Mexico Film Visions, and New Mexico Art in Public Spaces.


Ben Gondrez, Assistant Producer

Ben Gondrez is a creative technologist who is always looking for unique and innovative ways to utilize technology to enhance educational, artistic, and professional purposes. Ben is currently the Digital Dome Manager at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. He facilitates bi-monthly DomeLab meetings where local artists can learn fulldome production and experiment in the dome as well as quarterly Dome Club meetings showcasing international and local dome art. He has also had numerous years of experience working in the educational and cultural sectors utilizing technology to create new experiences as well as augment existing practices.


Eric Davis , Dome Production Assistant to the Artists

Eric Davis as an artist and performer.  His work focuses on generative and physical interaction with aural and visual art while employing the creative use of immersive and interactive technology to invoke a deepened physical connection between the relationship of art and observer. Eric has been working in the digital dome for years and is the Producer of DomeLab Denver. Eric is expected to graduate for the University of Colorado Denver in 2017 with a degree in Music Business.



We work hard to keep costs down for artists as much as possible. The artist in residence is estimated at a $22,500 value for each artist. It is our goal to raise enough funds to fully support each artist’s experience, but until that time, we ask artists to pay a registration fee. All artists must provide their own transportation and housing for Denver. In previous years, artists were able to raise funds via crowd source funding to help support their residency and the project itself. You can too!


Individual Artist:1,650*

Group Applicants: $1,650 first artist and $1,000 each additional Artist*


* We are working hard to provide complete support for artists. With current sponsorships and donations, we are at $1,650 cost to participate. This year we have hired a grant writer and a sponsorship coordinator, so it is our hopes to have more success in raising money.

Our goal is to provide free participation and stipends to all artists.
Deadline for early application is by midnight May 27, 2016

Deadline for regular application is by midnight June 20, 2016


What Past Artists Had to Say

[T]he residency is certainly unique, incredibly important and super pro active – there’s no sitting around being left to flounder – definitely felt like I was living and not just existing!!!
Dan Arnold, Denver Artist in Residence 2015

[A] wealth of knowledge of different software and equipment and the workshops were fun and informative.
Richard Clements, Denver Artist in Residence 2015


I am considering moving.
Daniel Wiklund, Denver Artist in Residence 2015


[V]ery good knowledge about almost all of the useful tools for dome content creations and very good technical background.
Oscar Sol, Denver Artist in Residence 2015


My experience as a 2014 Artist in Residence was transformational towards my practice. I was able to look at my work in a way that I have never thought possible.
Torie Zalben, LA Artist in Residence 2014


Ethan was very helpful and readily available throughout the residency. In addition he exhibited really keen leadership skills as far as maintaining a healthy morale amongst all of the residents in tackling a new and frustrating medium.
Jakob LeBaron Dwight, LA Artist in Residence 2014


The Artist in Residence at Vortex Dome LA was a gateway experience to realizing my vision.  I’m very grateful and happy to have had the time to reflect on this opportunity.  I believe I made the most of the opportunity and continue to pursue ripples connected to the work that was created.
Marina Masic, LA Artist in Residence 2014


[Ethan is] amazing on every count!! [He has] given me a safe place to be myself and emerge in the direction I’ve always dreamt of… Great things on the horizon!!
Lawrence Curtis, LA Artist in Residence 2014