International Fulldome Arts Alliance Announced


One of the problems with creating fulldome art and performances is the issue of where to show your work. With just a handful of fulldome festivals and only a couple of dome completely dedicated to arts, this can be a real issue. There are over 1,200 domes in the world, most of which are housed in science centers and only show planetarium and science based content geared towards their main audience, fourth graders. A group of fulldome professionals has come up with one solution that should help create a viable fulldome arts and entertainment network of venues for artists called the International Fulldome Arts Alliance (IFAA).

IFAA was announce on May 24, 2014 as a telepresence connection with the ix Symposium at the Society of Art and Technology in Montreal and the Jena Fulldome Festival in Jena. The response from both audiences was one of enthusiasm. The first step for IFAA is to gather some basic information from fulldomes that are willing to participate followed by announcements and helping artists with resources. To add your dome as a venue for arts, please visit More information about IFAA can be found at in the mission statement and strategy below.

IFAA founding members include Ed Lantz and Kate McCallum of Vortex Immersion Media in Los Angeles, Philip Mayer of Gaianova and Fulldome UK, Ryan Wyatt of Morrisson Planetarium, Louis-Philippe St. Arnault of Society of Art and Technology, Ethan Bach of Bach Multimedia, and Daniel Neafus of IMERSA.

IFAA seeks to secure fulldome arts and entertainment as a viable medium and accelerate the widespread distribution of dome programming through a network of member venues.


IFAA is an open alliance welcoming all permanent and mobile fulldome venues and supporting organizations to build a collaborative network for the creation, distribution and/or touring of arts and entertainment experiences for digital domes. This network is also a platform for developing and funding collaborations in research, residencies, events and other projects involving rendered, real-time, generative, interactive, performance or multimedia arts for domes. IFAA aims to boost the creation of alternative programming, to galvanise support for artists and venues, and to facilitate democratisation of immersive media worldwide.


IFAA will:
1 – Facilitate identification of mutual opportunities for artists and for venues.
2 – Improve cooperation and communication between content creators/producers and venue owners/operators.
3 – Gather and maintain precise technical and operational information on venues to facilitate touring and show distribution within the network.
4 – Help independent producers and artists to access these high-end venues.
5 – Accelerate the planning and funding of projects, tours and shared residencies by facilitating multiple partners for financial support, grant proposals and sponsorships.
6 – Foster the exchange of expertise and knowhow around fulldome artistic content production.
7 – Facilitate the touring and distribution of realtime interactive immersive art works by contributing to standardization efforts for realtime systems.


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