MORPHOS 2016 Opening Tonight!

MORPHOS immersive digital dome art show will highlight artwork from around the world beginning with an international reel of dome art followed by the MORPHOS artist-in-residence showcase. In it’s third year, MORPHOS will highlight five international artists in residence’s new work as a culmination of their month long residence.


Opening Night, Tonight

@ Fort Collins Otterbox Digital Dome
Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Monday, October 10Denver_button1
@ Gates Planetarium

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Tonight’s Schedule – Fort Collins

6:30pm Doors Open
Special Guests, Alt Ethos will do a Live performance of Visuals and Music

7pm International Reel
Curated by Ethan Bach and Ben Gondrez

7:45pm Intermission
More Alt Ethos Live visuals and Music
Cash Bar and Art Sale in the Lobby

8:15 MORPHOS Artist-in-Residence Show Case

9pm to 9:30pm Live Visuals and Music by Project Ruori
Mingle with the artists-in-residence

9:30 to 11pm After party at Downtown Artery

International Reel

Caliche Highway by Ruben Olguin (USA)

A study of Divisions of the American Southwest during colonization and the modern era. It looks at access to cultural resources, and the impact on the indigenous cultures of the region.




Murmuration of Light by Dan Bruce Arnold & Rich Clements (UK)
MURMURATION_2015_10065The piece draws influences from flocking birds, shoaling fish, phosphorescence and the ever changing forms that are part of the interconnected mesh that we are all part of. The sound is taken directly from a dawn chorus we recorded in Cornwall, sections multi-layered as the narrative develops and the murmuration breaks out of the urban framework and moves through infinite 3D space.
MORPHOS Alumni 2015


Cycle by Eric Freeman (USA)

Cycle is a short fulldome piece which uses timelapse photography to reveal the majesty of Earth’s natural environments. It’s a subtle meditation on how a small shift in our perception of time can heighten our awareness of the intricate ecosystem surrounding us. The cycle emerges.



Hypnorama by Daniel Wikland (Sweden)

Allergen by Hypnorama3D is a hypnotic journey through a transformational audio-visual color space, where the audience will explore the strange molecular world of allergic reactions. ( MORPHOS Alumni 2015




Quadrivium by Oscar Sol (Spain)

Quadrivium is a generative realtime performance with high levels of synchronicity with sound and experimenting with realtime manipulation of 3D models that flow within the complex geometries of the 360º immersive dome. ( MORPHOS Alumni 2015

Artists  in Residence Showcase

Welcome to the Tropixxxx by Liam Somerville (Australia)

LiamSomerville_MORPHOS2016Relax, kick back and sip on an ice cold martini on the sunny beaches of the Tropixxxx. Whether it is a romantic getaway or a break to enjoy the bountiful ocean, the Tropixxxx is the perfect destination for any traveler. Immerse yourself in the rich colours, sights and sounds of the island and let us take care of your every desire.

Video Preview


BioRhythm by Drake Arnold (Colorado)


Breathe deeply, and feel the beating heart within your chest. From the water you drink, to the earth you are standing upon, everything is pulsating with the rhythms of life.



Terrain by Jodi Stuart (Colorado/ New Zealand)



The aim of experimental work, “Terrain” is to play on ideas of virtuality and physicality, using ambiguous images that allude to the body to texture a virtual terrain.




Jonathan Womack (Washington)



“Only Ghosts Fall Upwards” is an interactive media piece exploring the immersive dome space through a mix of analog textures, generative visual code, and live camera feeds. Streams of static, video, figures and forms emerge and disappear as the layers of signal input drop in, out, and merge together.




Sam Stevens (Colorado)

This FullDome production takes you on a meditative, 360VR journey through the story of “Keep Searching…”, Sam Stevens’ upcoming album under the artist name “Esperas”. Esperas means hope in “Esperantis”, a language created before the internet to achieve the dream of world peace by providing a universal language in which we can all communicate and relate to one another through. Keep Searching strives to symbolically represent and inspirit these visions of peace and hope through a virtual exploration of nature, music, dreams and the various states of consciousness.


Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA) is a nonprofit organization who mission is Empowerment Through Creative Technology. Inspired by his work with MORPHOS, founder Ethan Bach created DATA in order to expand programming in 2017 to include k – 12 education, an immersive startup lab, and and 360° art distribution. The long-term goal for Denver Arts + Technology Advancement is to create a vanguard community center that cultivates and strengthens local community by putting research, education, creation and exhibition together under the same roof.






About the Theaters:

The OtterBox Digital Dome Theater is located at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. The Digital Dome Theater displays breathtaking presentations on its immersive 35-foot diameter dome screen with surround sound. They offer daily planetarium shows during museum hours, DomeClub featuring evening shows of dome art and alternative content bimonthly, and biweekly DomeLab meetings where artists can learn production skills in the dome and develop their own dome art.

Gates Planetarium presents a view of the universe, using technology to tell science stories and help visitors experience the universe. The 125-seat planetarium features unidirectional, semi-reclining stadium seating, 16.4 surround-sound system featuring Ambisonic—a 3-D spatial sound system, and a perforated metal dome, 56 feet in diameter and tilted 25 degrees. Gates just upgraded their projector system for a 8 projector system at just under 5k projection. With this recent upgrade, that just went online September 20, 2016, Alt Ethos is going to do their best in order to get the planetarium hookup with with their dome art server for the event. This will allow for live interactive dome art like VJing, gaming, and gestural control.


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