Artists Announced – MORPHOS Dome Artists in Residence 2015

We are  pleased to announce the artists for the MORPHOS Dome Artists in Residence for September/October 2015 in Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado. After reviewing highly compelling applications, artists selected will join in the month long exploration of the immersive digital space, known as digital dome or fulldome.  Artists will work together to receive five days of hands on training in creating work on the digital dome and virtual reality (VR). Artists will engage in developing their proposed works of art throughout the month with help from leaders in the dome industry and local artists. MORPHOS will be presented to live audiences as an interactive, exploratory play on innovation in immersive experiences on Friday, October 16, 2015 at the Fort Collins OtterBox Digital Dome and Sunday, October 18 at Gates Planetarium in Denver, Colorado.

This public fulldome show will include curated work submitted from artists around the world. We are thrilled to have such talented artists to work with us in the Denver area. We have great passion for what it means to allow more people access to dome technology and expanding what genres of content are explored in this unique environment. Welcome those who are participating in the MORPHOS Dome Artist In Residence 2015 who are becoming leaders in this movement of immersive media.

MORPHOS Dome Artist in Residence 2015:

Welcome the MORPHOS Dome Artist in Residence 2015 selected artists, the ever so talented; Daniel Wiklund (Sweden), Dan Bruce Arnold (England), Oscar Sol (Spain), Solongo Su Tserenkhand (Denver / Mongolia), and Omolara Abode (Los Angeles / Nigeria). Please take a moment to review their artist profiles below.

Daniel Wiklund (Sweden)

Daniel-Wiklund-MORPHOSDaniel Wiklund is a digital artist from Sweden who has been creating three dimensional visual landscapes through his work Hypnorama, which explores the emerging field of visual installation and club culture. This piece has shown at festivals, clubs, art happenings and raves both in Sweden and internationally. His Proposed work for MORPHOS is ”Musea: An immersive journey through visual culture” a meditative audiovisual experience that deals with immersion, hypnosis, contemporary visual culture, art history and synced audio as a sequel to Hypnorama (2013). The point of ”Hypnorama” was to create a hypnotic journey through a transformational audio-visual color space, where the audience was gently allowed to enter a meditative semi-hypnotic state. By using parallel perspective, synced audio, immersive screening technologies and basing the movements of color shapes/textures on neurologic rhythm and tempo to create Musea, the MORPHOS audience will join in a collective experience.

Solongo Su Tserenkhand (Denver / Mongolia)


Solongo_head_shotSolongo Su Tserenkhand is a visual and web design artist. She is originally from Mongolia and received her Bachelor in Arts from University of Denver in Emergent Digital Practice, with a minor in Chinese, and received a Diploma in Interactive Web and Communication at The Art Institute of Colorado in 2015. She is currently working on a Master’s of Science in Information & Communication Technology in Web Design and Development at the University of Denver. Su’s visual art focuses on the stimulating aspects of art. Using color, texture and symbolism that she finds while exploring her dreams and moment to moment thoughts, she aims to reflect the complexities of life and the relationships of things that are not normally thought of as related. Capturing the reality of nature, she uses long virtual strokes to keep things vague and open to interpretation. For MORPHOS, Solongo will create and artist’s expression that mediates between objective and subjective philosophies of East and West while explaining the holographic universe and its relationship to humans. This dynamic story fills the digital dome with an immersion of audio and visual language to fuse it’s complex subtleties into a single element and elicit the sense that art becomes life.

Omolara Abode (Los Angeles / Nigeria)


Omolara “Omo” Abode, aka Yung VJ Omo, is a Video and Digital Media Artist born in Lagos, and raised in California. Omo spent most of her formative years exploring digital media as a platform for alternative storytelling. After a childhood of experimentation with late 90s consumer electronics equipment, she finessed her technical skills at UCLA’s School of Film and Television, graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in production and directing. Through the ever-expanding world of digital arts, Omo explores this newest wave through common yet evolving venues; including art galleries, warehouse raves, nightclubs, alternative-minded corporate events, and now the digital dome. For MORPHOS, Omo Abode proposed to shoot spherical live action footage of the “The Slabs”, an off-grid community located about 80 miles from the California/Mexico border to be presented as an exploration of visual and aural design that may include a live musical performance.

Dan Bruce Arnold (England)

Dan-Arnold-MORPHOSDan Bruce Arnold is a multimedia artist from England and grew up in the hills and forests of Wales where he spent a lot of time outside. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Authorial Practice from Falmouth University and continues to nature on land and underwater. He has travelled throughout the UK, Europe and Africa often using his artistic practice as a way of communicating ideas, building connections and getting the odd plate of food or a straw roof over his head. His proposed project for MORPHOS is to create a Murmuration of starlings as a digital representation of nature through light and sound as an interactive audience driven experience. Murmuration of light and sound is an audience driven interactive immersive artwork, transporting the audience into a transient digital natural phenomena that could only exist in the dome.

Oscar Sol (Spain)

OscarSol_MORPHOSOscar Sol is an interactive visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain. As a visual creator, he specializes in the development of real-time generative graphics with the programming tool Jitter (Max/Msp) and starts working with interactive technology in 2007 after an internship with the dance company Troika Ranch at 3LD Technology Center in New York City and also a residency in LEMURplex doing the beta-testing phase of the new Miditron Wireless sensor device. He currently works in audiovisual live performance on both solo and collaborative projects. For MORPHOS, Oscar Sol will keep exploring the relationship between sound and visuals with different full spectrum audio analysis technics. The visuals will be generative realtime with high levels of synchronicity with sound and experimenting with realtime manipulation of 3d models that flow within the complex geometries of the 360º immersive dome. The new work is already booked for a show after MORPHOS, in Barcelona, Spain.

The MORPHOS Artist in Residence was developed to help provide artists with the rare opportunity to have access to a digital dome while being trained and supported to create their work. It is our goal to diversify creative content for a growing audience while allowing artists to help spearhead this new technology as we move into a next level of the digital age.




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MORPHOS was created through dedicated and passion to help move this immersive media forward. Due to the high costs of such an endeavor, artists are required to pay for their participation and artist in residence staff work forfor reduced pay or volunteer. We are still in need of some supplies, operating funds, and equipment in order to make MORPHOS Dome Artist in Residence 2015 a complete success. A portion of the sponsorship funds will go directly to help the artists cover their expenses. Questions?

Also, check out our artist profile for their individual fundraiser campaigns. Help out where you can!

For more information on the MORPHOS Fulldome Artist In Residence please see We will be opening applications for the 2016 MORPHOS Dome Artist in Residence sometime soon after this year’s event. Keep posted by following the BETA Blog.