MORPHOS Sponsorship Packages Available

This year, we are excited to be hosting MORPHOS, September 21 to October 20, 2015, in Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado, an area that is quickly leading the way in dome art with a triplicity of domes – Denver’s Gates Planetarium, Fort Collin’s Digital Dome, and Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium. Our goal is to expose and train artists in full immersion production for a growing need of fulldome art. We look forward to servicing the local community of Denver as well as an ever-expanding international Dome community. Sponsorship provides companies the opportunity to broaden marketing efforts to a growing number of digitally engaged consumers, while making a difference in artists’ lives as they become leaders in the immersive digital dome.

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MORPHOS is a one of a kind digital media artist-in-residence program that provides workshops and individual support for artists who want to take their work to the immersive level. Our goal is to expose and train artists in fully immersive production techniques for a growing need of fulldome art. Recent advances in technology are rapidly changing the way in which we create and present digital media. Immersive media allows the audience to have a truly multisensory experience. Digital domes offer a unique group of immersive experiences with their hemi-spherical screens, high resolution digital projection systems, and surround sound. Recent innovations that allow for easy drag-and-drop playback, live VJing, interactivity, and gaming have created virtually untapped, and seemingly endless, possibilities in the digital dome. Artists will also receive training in content creation for Virtual Reality, which is entering the consumer market with high refresh rates that allow for individual full spherical 360° immersive experiences and is a great way to previs dome work.

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We are glad to welcome our Sponsorship Coordinator, Marina Masic. Marina is a MORPHOS Los Angeles 2014 alumna. She  brings enthusiasm for art and the immersive digital dome along with her personal experience with the program. Marina Masic, Ph.D. has worked in the fields of art, education and wellness for over fifteen years. She received a Masters in Art Therapy from NYU and her doctorate from The European Graduate School in Philosophy, Media and Communications. Masic has helped to facilitate several arts programs in and around NY. She has been a professor of Media Art at Manhattanville College and College of New Rochelle and faculty in Art Therapy at Columbia University Medical Center in the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program. You can contact Marina at

For more information regarding MORPHOS Artist in Residence, please see here.