MORPHOS Fulldome Artist In Residence Los Angeles 2014 Artists Announced

We are  pleased to announce the artists for the June 2014 Artists in Residence. After reviewing highly compelling applications, selected artists have been granted a month long exploration of the immersive digital space.  Artists will work together to receive two days of hands on training and access to the dome throughout the month to work on projects, test concepts and receive consultation. Artists will present their work on June 27 for a public showing as part of MORPHOS. This public fulldome show will also include curated work submitted from artists around the world. We are thrilled to have such talented artists to work with in the Vortex LA Dome.We have great passion  for what it means to allow more people access to dome technology and expanding what kind of content is explored in this unique environment. Join me in welcoming those who are participating in this 2014 MORPHOS Fulldome Artist In Residence who are becoming leaders in this movement of immersive media.

The June 2014 Vortex LA Dome AIR artists:

Ganesh Rao ( Ganesh Rao Ganesh proposed to develop an interactive audio-visual performance in the Vortex Dome where the audience and performing artists will create a collective narrative using a generative system and their mobile devices in real time. The themed will be derived from mythological narratives and scriptures of eastern and oriental cultures. The performative style, cinematic and aesthetic choices will be derived from principles of composition, color, form and textures prevalent in western cultures. This piece with transform the dome into a cultural amalgam where the human past, present and future integrate seamlessly through the medium of digital technology.

BIO Ganesh Rao is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and creative director with over six years of experience. He has worked with clients including Dream Works Animation and Century Media Records, and produced work that has featured at film festivals and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, South by South West, and aired on British music television.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering, and a master’s degree in Fine Art, and has taught courses on graphic design, filmmaking, and fine art. He co-founded Ushtaang Productions in 2012, and currently serves as its director. He currently lives in Illinois and teaches a studio course on digital art making at the College of Lake County.

Marina Masic and Jakob LeBaron ( Jakob Dwight Marina and Jakob work as a team under the name of Aesthetics and Therapeutics Lab (ATL). They proposed to create a multi sensory environment to cultivate media installations to be used in conjunctive therapy sessions to address deficits and traumas. They will creatively utilize the media for life technology to benefit society in ways that are not currently being explored. BIO Aesthetics and Therapeutics Lab is a collective consisting of art therapist Dr. Marina Masic and emerging media artist Jakob LeBaron Dwight formed in 2013 to initiate experiments and installations that bridge art, social sculpture and art therapy. For this project Dr. Masic will bring to visual form her research and knowledge of multisensory environments (MSE) and their multiple benefits on various populations as a “dynamic interactive process utilizing the natural process of sensory stimulation and feedback analysis from the environment.”1 According to findings by Linda Messbauer, a pioneer of the concept and movement, who designed the first MSE in the U.S., the Snoezelen Room in Brooklyn, NY, in 1992 MSE’s have been shown to show significant and positive effects for users diagnosed with autism, brain injury, challenging behaviors, dementia, developmental disabilities, mental illness, PTSD, learning disabilities and more.

Multi sensory environments assist members of these populations by stimulating brain synchronization or brain entrainment through the maximizing a user’s potential to focus on an image or sound, to notice changes to that image or sound, and then to act on this change through an adaptive response to their environment. For example, when abstract visual effects and music are presented simultaneously in a room and the user receives a rhythmic pattern in a way that enables him to perceive and synchronize the separate elements, the user’s sensory channels are stimulated.

Lawrence Curtis (online) dolphins_LawrenceCurtis Lawrence Curtis proposed CETACEA, a fulldome project that will present the audience unique experiences of how whales and dolphins live in an acoustic, aquatic world. CETACEA will take audiences on a unique audio/visual journey expressed through creative and poetic context. This project will present the amazing lives of whales and dolphins with what it is like to have consciousness. CETACEA brings the audience an understanding of how whales, dolphins and we, as humans, share many connections. BIO Lawrence Curtis has taken what was once only in the realm of a childhood dream and used his experience and passion for the ocean connected to whales and dolphins. Curtis has a background in psychology and anthropology with emphasis in cognition and consciousness. Today, he strives for his work to reflect the importance of what it means to be conscious through exploration of our connections with nature. Curtis has worked professionally since 1998 with various, award winning film projects for international broadcasters (National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS Nature) and feature documentaries. His focus is now in helping bring people back to nature through the immersive arts.


Torie Zalben (
Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.17.51 PM
Torie Zalben proposed the creation of a world bordering varying states of consciousness. Working from visual concepts she is developing at NYU, and pulling from influences such as Maya Deren, the project takes the viewer through subconscious dream states. Pearl’s Awakening begins as a reflective narrative of the dreamer as it explores the fantasy of dreams and strange creatures.

Torie Zalben was born in Los Angeles and holds a BA in Film and TV production from Loyola Marymount. She is current in process of receiving her Master’s at NYU where she studies video art, performance art and creative writing. Her work has previously shown New York, Los Angeles and Miami at Smashbox Studios and has worked with the David Lynch Foundation’s television channel.




For more information on the MORPHOS Fulldome Artist In Residence please see or contact Ethan Bach, Creative Director at Vortex Immersion Media at Ethan.Bach(at)vorteximmersion(dot)com We will be opening applications for the 2015 AIR in July or August of 2014 with an early deadline for all those international arts who seek funds.