Call for 360° Experimental Dance Films Fulldome Competition

In the eye of the dance Shortcuts – Experimental dance film competition in 360° full dome

Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt Graz

Presentation and Awards during Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt and Internationales Tanztheaterfestival Graz, July 5-10 2014, in Joanneumsviertel, Graz Austria.

The festival is looking for videos, who look at dance through the new medium of 3-dimensional/spherical cinematography. Dance should be at the centre of the work; an experimental approach is what they demand. Focal point of interest should be real filmed scenes and not computer generated and/or animated movement sequences.

All works of film are slated for presentation in the 360° full dome, a singular presentation space which allows for a total immersion into the time and space of the film.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Lens: Circular fisheye lens (angle of view horizontal, vertical, diagonal 180°), lenses with other angles of view can be used with reservations (e.g. GoPro,…)Full dome 360°: 360° full dome tent (11m diameter, 6m height) ( digitarium dpsilon (projection solution with 7500 lm, 2200:1) (, projection screen starts 1,5 metres above ground level. Video data: single frame sequence (jpg, png oder tif) with a maximum of 2k (2048 x 2048) with separate audiofile (ac3 oder wav) in 5.1 or stereoVideo format: .mov, .m2v or .avi with a maximum of 2kLimitation: no artificial computer animation

CATEGORIES Filmcut 1 minuteFilmcut up to 7 minutes

Films/Videos, which meet these criteria, have to be preregistered at the latest by May 28, 2014 and must arrive for screening at the latest by June 15, 2014. Please register and send the Screening-DVDs as early as possible. In the case of delay in the postproduction or similar work after application please contact them.

SUBMISSION PROCESSApplication: till May 28, 2014, Submission of works: till June 15, 2014

SCREENING-DVDs/CDs You can submit the Screening-DVDs/CDs from now to the end oft the submission of works, June 15, 2014. For the Pre-Screening, please send us DVDs/CDs that meet the technical criteria’s of video data, video- and audio formats (written under TECHNICAL INFORMATION).

Please send the DVDs/CDs to the following address: Int. Bühnenwerkstatt Kennwort: Shortcuts Strauchergasse 12/178020 Graz Austria

Dispatch is made at the risk and expense of the competition participant. The competition participant agrees to leave the sent Screening-DVD/CD to the Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt (not being used for commercial purposes).

SELECTION You will get the information about the selection for the presentation at Shortcuts – Experimental dance film competition in 360° full dome at the latest July 4, 2014.  The selected films are taking part in the competitions.

PRESENTATION If your film/video is one of the selected works for the Shortcuts – Experimental dance film competition in 360° full dome, you agree with the use of film stills or film extract for promotion and reports about Shortcuts – Experimental dance film competition in 360° full dome (incl. TV/Web and so on). The Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt has no possibility to pay rental fees for the presentation at the Shortcuts – Experimental dance film competition in 360° full dome.

MUSIC and IMAGE RIGHTS For the participation to the Shortcuts – Experimental dance film competition in 360° full dome the applicant must have the necessary rights for music and images used in their works.

PERSONAL INFORMATION For application and submission they would like to ask you for details about applicant(s)/ artist group with contact details, address, e-mail and telephone.

We are looking forward to your entries!

Ursula Gigler-Gausterer(Artistic Director Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt,Internationales Tanztheaterfestival)Presented by: Gall Pharma GmbH

Partner Diagonale, Festival des österreichischen Films Universalmuseum Joanneum ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

Contact Int. Bühnenwerkstatt Kennwort: Shortcuts Strauchergasse 12/178020 GrazAustria

e. shortcuts@buehnenwerkstatt.atw.

Note: This post was taken from an email mailing from Int. Bühnenwerkstatt and their guidelines page.