Fulldome Art Grant for New Mexico Artists

The Art in Public Places program enriches New Mexico’s public spaces through an innovative and diverse public art collection.

Since its inception in 1986, the program has placed more than 2,500 works of art in all of New Mexico’s 33 counties. Our goal is to reflect the diversity of the arts in New Mexico, the Southwest, and the nation while building a dynamic public art collection for the State of New Mexico.

Through a fair and open public process, committees made up of local and regional representatives work with New Mexico Arts staff to select artwork for their communities. The Art in Public Places program then commissions large-scale projects that are designed for integration directly into the architecture of a building, or the program purchases existing original artwork to be placed in public spaces permanently or on loan.


Project Intent

Proposed artworks should be light-based art projects created for this one-day event.  The event will start around 6pm and run until approximately 11pm the evening of May 9th, 2014.  The artwork should be visible in fading daylight and cannot require total darkness to work.  It may have an accompanying sound element or be strictly visual. The work can be interactive or not.  Wi-Fi will not be available in the park.

To be considered, proposed artwork must utilize one of the following:

  • Creative Santa Fe’s 36’ geodesic dome structure.
  • A piece to act as an entry point for the park.  Proposals for this piece do NOT have to work in a geodesic dome.
  • Site-specific installations in other areas of the park.
  • At the end of the installation a permanent object must be created that can become part of the State on New Mexico’s Public Art collection.

No artwork requiring concrete pads or other environmentally damaging approaches will be considered. At the agreed upon time of removal, the artist will return the installation site to its original condition, subject to the approval of the site representative.

Media must be low maintenance, safe for both children and adults, ADA compliant, and not leave a permanent mark on the environment when removed.



This request for proposals is open to all artists or artist teams who are legal residents of New Mexico.  Artists in all stages of their careers are encouraged to apply.


Site Information

Located equidistantly between the Railyard and the downtown plaza, DeVargas Park in El Parque del Rio is a critical anchor for the long-range path to downtown walkability. A linear park that follows the Santa Fe River as it flows through downtown Santa Fe, El Parque del Rio is a major amenity and historic site within the city.

Creative Santa Fe is hosting a major public community event on May 9, 2014 to explore the idea of Santa Fe leading an international light and interactive art festival.  The collaborating organizations will close off two blocks of DeVargas Street that abuts the park and have a city festival with music, art, lights, and activities.

To prevent irreparable environmental damage, no large holes may be dug or foreign organic materials released into the environment.

Artwork must also be sufficiently secured against high winds and intense weather conditions that often arise in New Mexico.

The artist understands that their artwork may be subject to damage, vandalism or theft at anytime. New Mexico Arts, Creative Santa Fe and the local sites will not be responsible for such occurrences.


Project Amount

Up to $5,000 is available per project.  This amount includes all fees and expenses associated with the project, e.g., materials, equipment, labor, permits, engineering documents, insurance, taxes, travel, installation, shipping, identification plaque, and written and professional photographic documentation of the completed project.

There is no medical or workers’ compensation insurance provided by either the State of New Mexico or the sites. Artists will be responsible for providing coverage.

Submission Requirements

Please read the following information carefully as incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted. Supplemental information beyond what is requested will not be reviewed by the Selection Committee. Failure to provide any of the published requirements will result in disqualification from the competition. Duplicate submissions will not be accepted. All materials must be submitted via CaFÉ according to the specifications outlined below:

-A detailed project proposal including your installation and your proposed permanent object(s).

-Please explain what interests you about the opportunity as well as what you are proposing, and a project budget.

-A current chronological resume or curriculum vitae demonstrating relevant work experience, particularly public art or privately funded commission projects.

-A biography or an autobiography will not fulfill the resume requirement.

-A combination of up to ten images and videos of project proposal or previously completed work.  Complete image citations will be required; including artwork title, medium, height, width and depth, price or value, year of completion, and project description to include budget and commissioning agency.

– Please review and adhere to the Image and Media Preparation page on CaFÉ when formatting your images. Tutorials can be downloaded using the links near the bottom of the page. By default, CaFÉ will organize the images in your submission alphabetically. If you wish to present the images to the committee in a different order you must prioritize the images before submitting an application.

Project Timeline (subject to change)



February 14, 2014                   Project Announced

March 10, 2014                       Submission Deadline

March 2014                             Grant Awardees Announced

April 2014                               Project Rehearsal with domes at Traditions on I-25                                                    (Specific Date TBA)

May 9, 2014                            Opening, artwork Installed must be installed

May 10, 2014                          Removal of artwork and site returned to original condition

This calendar is subject to change.


New Mexico Pay Equity Initiative

Effective July 1, 2010, businesses seeking new contracts with any Executive Branch state agency will be required to comply with the requirements of Executive Order 2009-049, to aid in identifying and combating pay inequity and job segregation in the State of New Mexico, as a condition of being awarded a contract.

If the offeror has ten (10) or more employees OR eight (8) or more employees in the same job classification, offeror must complete and submit the required reporting form (PE10-249 or PE250, depending on their size at the time) with their bid or proposal for evaluation purposes.

For contracts that extend beyond one (1) calendar year, or are extended beyond one (1) calendar year, offeror must also agree to complete and submit the required form annually within thirty (30) calendar days of the annual bid or proposal submittal anniversary date and, if more than 180 days has elapsed since submittal of the last report, at the completion of the contract.

Should offeror not meet the size requirement for reporting at contract award but subsequently grows such that they meet or exceed the size requirement for reporting, offer must agree to provide the required report within ninety (90) calendar days of meeting or exceeding the size requirement.

Offeror must also agree to levy these reporting requirements on any subcontractor(s) performing more than 10% of the dollar value of this contract if said subcontractor(s) meets, or grows to meet, the stated employee size thresholds during the term of the contract. Offeror must further agree that, should one or more subcontractor not meet the size requirement for reporting at contract award but subsequently grows such that they meet or exceed the size requirement for reporting, offer will submit the required report, for each such subcontractor, within ninety (90) calendar days of that subcontractor meeting or exceeding the size requirement.


Questions/Follow Up

Questions regarding the project should be directed to Chuck Zimmer, AIPP Program Manager, at 505-827-6490, email: chuck.zimmer@state.nm.us or contact Katelyn Peer at kpeer@creativesantafe.org or at 505.288.3531

If you would like to have your submission materials reviewed by an AIPP staff person, please make an appointment no less than two weeks prior to the submission deadline. Technical assistance calls increase dramatically during the final two weeks of the open submission period; therefore we cannot guarantee review during the final two weeks of the competition. Submission materials will not be reviewed on the day of the deadline.


Deadline for Submission: 11:59 P.M. (MDT), March 10, 2014