10 Reasons You Should Attend IMERSA SUMMIT 2014

summitslideimersaIMERSA – Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science & Arts
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1. Fulldomes and Large Screens are the future of cinema and digital visual art. If you are a filmmaker, artist, writer, producer, distributor, media arts student, DonnaJCoxengineer (I could keep going), then this conference is where you need to be. Keep your finger on the pulse and get connections to move your work forward! This industry is growing fast and there are a lot of opportunities. Not only will you take away and incredible amount of information from the workshops, speakers and presentations, but IMERSA focuses on networking opportunities!

2. Donna J. Cox is this year’s keynote speaker. Cox is an American artist and scientist, Professor of Art + Design; Director, Advanced Scientific Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC); Director, Visualization and Experimental Technologies at National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA); and Director, edream (Illinois Emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media Institute). She is a recognized pioneer in computer art and scientific visualization.

dead animals3It takes place at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. During breaks you can walk around and look at amazing museum installations including the incredible dioramas. This 500,000 square foot building houses more than one million objects in its collections including natural history and anthropological materials, as well as archival and library resources. During the conference the Maya: Hidden World Revealed exhibition will be up.

4. World’s Best Fulldome Films shows will be screening. Even if you have never before seen a fulldome show or if you have seen hundreds, go to IMERSA! You can see the best of the best in world fulldome cinema. (more information)
This year’s international festival winners:
•Dream to Fly
•Flight of the Butterflies
•To Space and Back
•Dinosaurs at Dusk
•Selected short films

5. The Workshops and Presentations are better than ever. With titles like; “Live Action Shooting for Green Screen Compositing”, “Managing Workflow for 4K, 8K and beyond”, “Breaking the CGI barrier with DSLR”, and “Live Action Photography for Fulldome” – how can you resist? I always learn from the wonderful presentations at IMERSA.

6. If you have ever thought of having your own dome or you currently have one, there is a facility budget workshop with Ian McLennan and Mike Murray. Fulldomes are expanding in their use and portability learn how to budget for running this high tech theater. Meet venders and gather information for your next event or your next facility.

7. VR and Gaming in the Dome. Last year highlighted new innovative software for interactivity, VJing, plug and play, and gaming. This year, a highlight is the topic of Cross-fusion with VR and gaming is going to be a hot one.

8. International Innovators – People come from all over the world to be a part of this summit. Meet the leaders of fulldome and large screen cinema. This year some of the international folks who will be presenting like Matt Wright and Janire Najera of Dance Domefrom Wales, UK. This year there is an entire forum dedicated to what is going on around the world.

9. I will be there and actually have time to hang out. Last year I gave five different presentations and workshops. I had no time to talk to anyone. This year is going to be different. Come hang out with me.