IMERSA Summit 2015 Videos and Highlights

If you missed some, or all, of this year’s Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science & Arts Summit 2015 never fear, there are videos. The videos will never do justice to the experience of actually attending this unique conference that is gaining recognition worldwide, but they will offer some insight into immersive media.

Every year IMERSA documents the conference with video. Some of which, you have seen on earlier posts on this blog.

IMERSA Summit 2015 Highlights
IMERSA Highlights Video


This from Jason Fletcher, who writes The Fulldome Blog. Jason has decided to continue vlogging and he just interviewed me the other day and that video will come out soon.

IMERSA Summit 2015 – Interviews: Recent Challenges in Dome
[vimeo clip_id=121503496]

A great detailed explanation.
What is Fulldome Pt. 1
IMERSA WhatIsFulldome

What is Fulldome Pt. 2
IMERA WhatIsFulldome2

MORPHOS Artist in Resident (LA 2014), Marina Masic speaks on use of domes for
Healing Through Multi Sensory Experiences
IMERSA DomeInnovators

vDome is a Freeware fulldome artists software developed at the Institute of American Indian Arts. It can be downloaded here (make sure to read the directions).
vDome 2.0