DomeLab Denver to Present at Denver Creative Tech Meetup Thursday, April 28th

DomeLab Denver, a collaborative fulldome meetup group, invite you to join for our public talk regarding our fulldome interactive performance piece entitled “Involution”, which showcased at the recent IMERSA Summit. This talk is part of the Denver Creative Tech Meetup and will be held on April 28th, 2016 at 6pm. Snacks and an interactive art gallery are available for the first hour before presentations which run through 8:30. Mode Set is located on 1610 Little Raven St, Suite 135, Denver, CO.

Involution” is an immersive 3d creation for the digital dome that includes contemporary dance performance, animation, external sensors and live driven visuals and audio. One of the focuses of this piece was to blend multiple forms of expression within an environment where they had not met, a planetarium fulldome. The body of this performance was inspired by the relationship between humankind and technology. On one hand the artists used technology to create tools but there has been a disconnect, a bridge to cross. Involution creates art in such a way that’s more immediate and personal, bringing our creations back full circle.

[vimeo clip_id=164337103]

DomeLab Denver is focused on creating engaging, immersive and often interactive works aimed towards fostering a closer relationship between the subject and the object through creative coding, audio production, animation and gameplay for fulldome presentations. The creative group will outline the process of their latest piece at the annual IMERSA Summit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. A fulldome is an immersive semispherical environment usually hosted in a planetarium. DomeLab  Denver is a bimonthly meetup that will be open to the public beginning July 2016. See for more information.

The DomeLab concept was created as a meet up at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery  and works to with locals on collaborative fulldome projects and skills. DomeLab Denver is scheduled to open to the public for skills teaching, research, and creation in Summer 2016. 

Tree of Death live gameplay in Unity

Denver Creative Tech Meetup will also feature:
-Steve Kinney- Co-Director of Academics at Turing School will give a primer on his workflow of creating sound through JavaScript.
-Lloyd Starr- former COO and President of Beatport will speak about his experience building a Denver based music tech company.
-Jared Mathews will exhibit Morsh- a synthesizer which blends classical and contemporary music.
-Nate Allen will use a Rockband Guitar Controller in a unique way.
-Justin Gitlin- Developer at Mode Set will show off a Kinect controlled particle system.


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For all interested in DATA or DomeLab Denver please contact
Ethan Bach