Learn How to Build an Automated Garden

Explore ways that technology can automate, assist, and quantify the growth and health of your plants. We will be talking about low-cost ways to develop your own small farming automation systems using the Particle Photon. Here you can learn about the flow of input to interpretation to output to the iteration that can create ecosystems for strong and thriving plants if tuned properly. This is a casual workshop for a variety of experience levels to meet and share ideas.

Myself and my coworkers at Denver Arts + Technology Advancement would like to welcome you to our group! We know that sometimes, finding time to work on projects is hard, and tooling is expensive. Hackster Live is a new program from www.hackster.io that aims to create a fun, recurring environment where you can take a break from the routine and connect, learn and create meaningful projects. Our hope is to create a consistent monthly event you can depend on – and the snacks are on us.
As for scheduling, we are NOT here to step on toes! We love the IoT and maker community that have already been established, and look forward to partnering up with other groups! Please connect with us about your events and we’ll coordinate ours alongside yours. We’re excited to team up everyone in the community to host collaborative events!

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