MORPHOS Digital Dome Art Showcase

MORPHOS International Digital Dome Art Show

VIP Night

7pm       Doors Open.  hors-d’oeuvres and bar

7:30pm  International Showcase

8:15pm  Artist-in-Residence demonstrations

8:45pm  Producer, Ethan Bach presents keynote: “Future of Creative Technology”

9pm       Innovation Sessions. Local artists and engineers demonstrate their latest creations.

9:30pm  Music and Visuals by Alt Ethos

11pm     end

Showcase Night

6:30pm   Doors Open. Cash bar.

7pm        International Showcase

8pm        Artist-in-Residence demonstrations

8:30pm    end

Denver Arts + Technology Advancement invite you to MORPHOS, a 360° immersive virtual experience. MORPHOS will take the audience on a unique virtual journey from a moving digital diorama to exploring a balance between nature and technology. MORPHOS 2019 will take place at Fiske Planetarium and OtterBox Digital Dome Theater.

MORPHOS art show highlights immersive digital artwork from around the world beginning with an international reel of dome art followed by the MORPHOS artist-in-residence showcase. In its fourth year, MORPHOS will highlight international artists in residence new work as a culmination of their month-long residence. In Fort Collins, please enjoy the cash bar and special guests Alt Ethos providing live visuals and DJ mix.

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