XR Worlds

DATA is developing an immersive virtual world for arts and education.

Virtual worlds have evolved far beyond niche entertainment and gaming. In the face of a global pandemic, investment in collaborative use of these spaces and VR technologies has grown at a rapid pace. However, they still seem out of reach for the average worker, educator, and student.

DATA has made it a priority to explore, develop, and share the how and why of XR opportunities for arts and education. The principal modalities and learning benefits of immersion apply to virtual spaces, and an equitable approach to access will be critical to empower this collaboration to the broader public.

Partnering with our sibling entity, Alt Ethos, the virtual space, Pathos Metaverse has been developed into a testing ground for virtual collaboration. This provides access to a global audience in 3D worlds through browser-based accessibility using desktop or tablets. Our vision is to create a DATA CAMPUS of virtual demo spaces that will be used to train and inspire newcomers and virtual veterans alike.